How do you build a positive attitude? First of all, you have to
remember, attitude happens on two different levels. There is a big
attitude and then there is a small attitude. The big attitude happens
over a period of a lifetime. If you are 15, 20, 50, or 80 years old, it is
taken that long to build your big attitude. All of your experiences,
everything you have thought about, all the things you have done
through your life, build that big perspective.
You have heard individuals talk about the glass being half full or half
empty, whether someone is a pessimist or an optimist. Well, that’s
the big attitude, and it is developed through your whole life
experience. You are able to change it! Your choice of focus makes the
difference. Your brain can only think one direction at a time. I can be
thinking about good stuff or I can be thinking about bad stuff. It is a
choice. I can be thinking about how things haven’t worked for me
and all that’s wrong and the problems I have had and how everything
always sucks. Or I can focus on possibilities. There are things I can
do. I can learn new things. I can take life in a new way. I can build
better relationships. I can make my life go a certain way. I will build
an unstoppable mindset!