A lot of people in the Internet Marketing world get so caught up on CPC (cost per click) that they are missing the bigger picture. If you are so happy about a solo ad which costs you 50 cents / click, let’s examine this for a second…. let’s say you buy a 1000 clicks @ 50 cents ($500) and you have an awesome squeeze page converting at 20% opt-ins ; this means you just acquired 200 leads for $500. This means yours CPL (Cost per lead) is ($500/200) = $2.5 per lead!!!

Most squeeze pages don’t even convert at 20% so if your squeeze page converts at 10% optins, your CPL (Cost per lead) just went up to $5 !! This is why so many people quit… their cost of aquiring a new customer is very high.

Now have a look at this ; with this method my CPL is $0.41 forty one cents! You do the math 🙂

If you’d like to find out how I do this (and by the way, these are all in Top Tier countries!) then connect with me and find out how.