Leap Of Faith

I’ll never forget this day… It was a Friday, end of 2010. I was working as a Project Manager for ADP at the time and like every Friday, I got to #workfromhome. I had been learning about #InternetMarketing for a few months and I was blown away.. it was my new passion / obsession. A dear friend of mine Katherine Roberts sent me an IM on yahoo messenger (Yes, I actually was using that!) and asked me how was my day going… I told her I have this heavy weight on my chest… I was not happy with my #job anymore… and she asked me a strange question… “Did You watch Indiana Jones?” I said yes. She said do you remember the part where he was being chased by a gang and came to the edge of a cliff? I said yes.. She said well he took a leap of faith and jumped.. so.. Ayman, what are you waiting for?
It was 11:30 am. 30 minutes later, I had gone to the office, handed in my Blackberry and Laptop and submitted my resignation. I never looked back. Thank you Katherine.

Point is: No Matter What Your “mind” Tells You, If You Are Passionate About Something And Feel It Strongly In Your Heart… Don’t Think…JUMP!