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  • A New kind of Income Model… made for today’s people

      From the Desk of: Ayman Shalaby – June 18, 2013 2:46pm Est As 2013 cruises in on an unprecedented rise in consumer information products and social media consumption/usage, there are a few hardcore market observations that must be acknowledged— and, some pretty exciting implications to note. As is, the affiliate product launch model will […]

  • A Better Hamburger?

     If you where asked if you could make a better hamburger than any of the fast food chains in business today, your answer would most likely be yes. And if this is the case, then why aren’t you already rich? Well, for most the answer always comes down to inefficient marketing and sales systems. In […]

  • Want To Come Behind The Velvet Rope?

    Have you ever shared an app or a game with someone…? What if you could get paid for that? We are close to launching a new company that will track the things you share and make sure you get paid… Check it out here ==> http://v3links.com/140ElLq Lock in your account now and get ready for […]

  • 5 Minute Blog Setup

      Many people don’t want to work with WordPress, because they are afraid it will be too complex and technical to install and work with. That’s just not true! It’s actually a LOT easier than you think! In fact, you can have WordPress installed, set up, and ready to go in just 5 minutes or […]

  • Have Proper Sleep

    A sleepy head is more prone to depression, frustration, and panic.This is because the mind also needs to rest and without enough rest, it will not be able to properly process problems. This is why it is very important that you complete the minimum requirement of 8 hours of sleep a day. If that is […]

  • Does your offer need some targeted visitors?

    Traffic As you probably know, one of the major keys to making a lot of money on the internet and selling your products is having consistent, reliable traffic.   Well, I just came across an incredible traffic resource that I think you are going to be VERY interested in…   This “rolodex” has a list […]

  • Is social media good for your business? Really?

    Good grief, not another thing you have to learn about and try to figure out when you’ve already got so much going on with your small business?! Yet social media really is something you should give heavy consideration to using because social media can be really good for your business. Here are just 7 of […]