Beginning January 1, 2014, new regulations go into effect
that will very likely affect the way you do business online.

If you’re …

– An offline marketer
– A Mobile-site creator
– An affiliate marketer
– A product creator
– A blogger
– A Google Analytics user
– Someone who hosts ANY type of ads on your website
– A retarget marketer

Then you need to read this letter …

… and take action right away!

Lucky for us, it’s easy to tap into the cutting edge
of exactly what’s happening in the compliance
and legal side of online entrepreneurship.

Don’t take this lightly.

These are mandatory regulations.

We must all adhere to these NOW …

… or pay the consequences.

It’s not sexy stuff …

… but it’s the stuff that can kill your business.

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… so you can either help them for free …

… or charge them a fee for doing this.

Whatever you decide …

… check this out …

… so you know why you should protect yourself.