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SMS Verified Leads: The New Mobile Funnels System vs. Email Marketing

It used to go something like this….

  • Find yourself a good giveaway (bribe) ;
  • build a squeeze page ;
  • Collect their email and build your list ;
  • Build a relationship, provide value and market relevant products to your “List”

“The Money is in The List”… while this is still true, one must ask himself… is an email list really the best type of “List” to have? Consider current statistics: Email Open rates are 4% at best and that is assuming the “prospect” actually provided a real email address (not a fake one) and also assumes that a real email address is actually viewed and not ending up in a junk folder blackhole!

Today a much valuable “list” to have is a cell phone number. People don’t have fake cell phone numbers and still usually carry just one phone… so when you have someone enter their phone number in order to get more information about something that piqued their interest, THAT is a PRECIOUS list to build.

Two way SMS text messaging establishes instant rapport. You can start building a relationship with someone 1000’s of miles away.

The technology of building an actual funnel using mobile and text marketing is still in it’s early stages.. and quite expensive.. but it is already the way of the future and your best bet in building a “List” that is worth your while.

To actually test a Mobile Based “funnel” and experience the technology yourself, scan or go to SMSVerifiedLeads.mobi right now.