You hear about some new software, course, or system promising to help you easily crank out revenue…

You jump in and give it a try but at some point, you’re stuck.  Something doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to, you become overwhelmed, or who knows what comes up… there are lots of reasons to get side-tracked.

This results in disappointment and frustration.

Then you receive an email that catches your eye.  In the email, you hear about a brand new and more promising tactic that’s generating profit faster than ever.  So you go look and it seems really exciting.

So you purchase this new product and give it a try…

and then disappointment once again.

And the cycle repeats.  Over and over again.

This is what I refer to as “The hamster-wheel to nowhere”.  It’s a simple fact that if you’re stuck on this hamster-wheel, it’s very unlikely you can succeed with an online business.

That is why you need the seven steps to freedom. Watch this video